Block 'Em

Block ‘em is an app which allows users to block calls and texts from undesirable sources.  Helen Perry developed the app as a tool to combat cyber bullying, in direct response to her own personal experience of this problem.  Block ‘em was launched earlier this year, with the support of the NSPCC, ho are set to receive the majority share of any profits made from the sale of the app. To find out more about Block ‘em visit their web site at

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"Supporting charities is a win-win situation, making you focus positively on your own life whilst helping others"

Helen Perry

Helen Perry

Block'em LLP was established by the Lake House Charitable Foundation in which it invested to allow it to develop technologies that aid and help protect the vulnerable in today's society.
The applications developed are simple to use and manage and are targeted principally for use with children (preventing cyber bullying) but we expect adults to use the application to prevent nuisance calls and work placed bullying or threatening calls.