Did you know?

Bullying is a huge issue for children and young people and it's fantastic money raised from Block'em will help support ChildLine

50% of All British parents believe their children are being bullied

In a recently published survey commissioned by the anti-bullying App provider, Block’em LLP. This means up to 5.7MILLION children are being terrorised by cruel-minded peers every single day.

Two-thirds of young people claim to have been bullied at school, rising to four-fifths of those with special educational needs or disabilities.

According to a report from the Equalities and Human Rights Commission (EHRC)The findings are published in the chapter on Education in the first EHRC triennial review of fairness in Britain .

Cyber Bullying isn’t something that just takes place on the Internet

Your phone’s is very often the key device used by bullies to send hurtful, abusive and intimidating calls and text messages. These calls and text messages can be really upsetting, but the Block’em app on your phone will be an invaluable aid to you in preventing mobile cyber bullying.

Adult bullying and intimidation through mobiles in on the rise

Whether it’s bullying in the workplace, stalkers, broken relationships, social pressure or legal or business disputes it’s becoming increasingly common for perpetrators of this activity to use the mobile phone to apply psychological damage and intimidate vulnerable individuals.