What we do

The LHCF aims to provide financial support to charities, both large and small, in ways which will benefit them most.  As Trustees, we take a very active interest in the organisations we help and take direction from fundraisers as to what kind of aid would be most appropriate.  One of our aims is to help enable charities to plan better by committing funding over a period of time rather than always making one-off donations.

The LHCF was created by Helen and Tim Perry.  Having spent many an hour chatting around the kitchen table about supporting charities, they are united  in their desire to help organisations who carry out valuable work in the sectors about which they feel  most passionate.  Along with the other Trustees, they have pledged to pool their resources to direct financial support at charities they believe could really benefit from some extra funding.  The Foundation focuses its attention on charities which provide different kinds of aid to children and young people who suffer as a result of health problems or of poor social, economic and emotional circumstances, as well as organisations who work to improve the lives of our elderly.  Although the foundation supports large, national charities, there is a definite emphasis on the small and the local.